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SHUGAR MARKET Shinjuku branch
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Tokyo, Shinjuku CityShinjuku, 3−9−9, ワタセイ・タマビル, 5F

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About Merchant
  • Introduction:

  • Do you like plum wine and fruit wine?KURAND SAKE MARKET offers over 100 varieties of plum and fruit wine, simply grab it from the fridge, no need to ask for staffs at the store.

  • Oolong tea, black tea, orange juice or calpis are also offered in the store for your cocktail crave!

  • Signature Dish:

  • Free-flowing drinks with no time limit: have you heard of free-flowing drinks with no time limit? at KURAND SAKE MARKET, sake, beer, shochu, fruit wine, you can drink everything you see in the store.

  • not only that, there is no outside food restriction, and no limit to how many times you can return to the store, feel free to bring any food you like to the store and have a blast!

  • Nearby Tourist Attraction:

  • Free-flowing policy is the same as sister store KURAND SAKE MARKET which offers Japanese sake, for people who are thirst for alcohol!