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Irori Kagurazaka branch
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Tokyo, Shinjuku CityKagurazaka, 1 - 10 三径ビル 7F

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About Merchant
  • Introduction:

  • This Izakaya is known for offering fresh seafoods straight from Toyosu Market, horse meats and Japanese sake.

  • They also specialized in Hot pot cuisine, from Hakataku beef giblets pot, amberjack seafood pot to chicken meatball pot, lots of variety to choose from.

  • Signature Dishes:

  • Horse Meat Sashimi: horse meat aka sakura meat, since the color resembles sakura flower, is a delicacy in Japan, the restaurant import horse meat straight from Kumamoto prefecture, horse meat contains very little fat, with no off odor or weird taste, even first timer can enjoy.

  • Japanese Sake: from the world famous "Dassai", fruity "Kokuryu" and also the king of sake "Jyuyon Dai", the best companion for enjoying seafood.

  • Decor:

  • Decorated with old-timey wooden decors, Japanese wine cellar-like atmosphere, enjoy Japanese gourmet in this cozy environment.