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BOUZU Nishi Shinjuku branch
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Tokyo, Shinjuku City, Nishishinjuku, 1 - 18 - 1 小川ビル 4F-5F

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About Merchant
  • Introduction:

  • Located in the Nishi Shinjuku area, Bouzu offers a Japanese and Western fusion cuisine, the head chef utilize seasonal ingredients and create cuisines that you could only experience here in Bouzu, accompanied with selected wines from the sommelier, it's a great adventure of taste.

  • Signature Dish:

  • Whelk and rockets pasta: flavored with shiso pesto, chewy whelk with bitter sweet rocket salad, lift the natural fresh note of the pasta itself.

  • Decor: Decorated with fashionable wooden planks from the wine box, included a so-called wine for the millionaire DRC wine box.