Yakizakana Shokudo
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Tokyo, Shibuya CityDogenzaka 1-7-1 2F

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About Merchant
  • Introduction:

  • The newest dining experience of combining Izakaya with Shokudo, enjoy a freshly grilled piece of fish with your favorite sake.

  • Signature Dishes:

  • Seasonal Ichiyaboshi from Odawara with freshly delivered fish from Tsukiji market, lightly seasoned with salt or soy sauce and grilled to perfection, tender flesh accompanied with crispy fish skin,2 side dishes, rice, miso soup, what a great value!

  • Decor: Decorated with warm and cozy tone, single bar counter seat for those who likes to dine alone. Only 2 min. walk from Shibuya station, no need to stress to catch the train.