Yakiniku Kinjo Naha Kumoji
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Okinawa, NahaKumoji 3-29-24

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About Merchant
  • About the Restaurant:

  • The famous yakiniku (roasted meats) restaurant worth queueing! All meats are from its private pasture. Without intermediate trader, not only the price is reasonable but also the quality is the best.

  • Quality Ingredient:

  • Pork: directly transported from Yuimaru pasture in Ishigaki Island. Soft texture of pork, sweet pork grease, low cholesterol, great amount of collagen. All female customers are fond of them!

  • Ishigaki Beef: The owner, Mr Kinjo, showed the Ishigaki Beef from Yuimaru pasture in the Okinawa Summit in 2000! And it has been highly praised. If you want to try Ishigaki beef, come over Yakiniku Kinjo!

  • Perfect Location:

  • Close to Kokusai Dori. It’s perfect to go shopping after the meal!