Ning Ji Hot Pot
4.7 (6)


Da’an Dist., Taipei CityNo.28, Ln. 137, Yanji St.

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About Merchant
  • About Ning Chi Spicy Hot Pot:

  • Founded in 1973 by Jiang Lingning, the "Ning Chi Spicy Hot Pot" is the one of the first spicy hot pot restaurants in Taiwan. It inherits and keep the good taste overtime.

  • Signature dishes:

  • The "Spicy Maodu Pot" is a signature classic with a unique Sichuan flavor. The "numbing, spicy, fresh, and fragrant" flavors explode in the mouth. You should also try the beef tendons, handmade Sichuan balls, crispy fritters ... Don't forget to get a glass of cold ebony juice to ease the spiciness!

  • Interior design:

  • The old restaurant has been renovated. The renovated interior is spacious and comfortable, with many framed calligraphy saying "Ning Chi Maodu Hot Pot" and "The First Pot in the World", demonstrate the low-key pride of the old restaurant.