Curry Restaurant Kokoro
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Hokkaido, Sapporo, Kita WardKita 15 Jonishi, 4 Chome−2, シティハイムN15

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  • It's a popular restaurant, hiding in the alley that the local keep loving it for a long time.Since it was featured in Super News ( a TV news programs) and special editions of the Michelin Guide 2017 Hokkaido attracted nationwide attention. The chef learned Western cooking in the beginning and combined the quintessence into the bouillon soup,which is his signature dish. The bouillon soup boasts a rich and delicious flavor, and you can enjoy the authentic flavor backed by technological capabilities. Caring about what would be offered to customers, the restaurant use rice and potatoes from contracted farms that are directly produced. Particularly, potatoes ,Sapporo Main Store of Curry Restaurant Kokoro chose a rare variety, "Hokkai No. 50." to make dishes and it is the only restaurant in Sapporo that picked this kind of potatoes. In addition, rice is exclusively cultivated for "Kokoro" through contract cultivation by the fourth Goto Farm in Kuriyama-cho.