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175 ° DENO Dandan Noodles Sapporo Kitaguchi Branch
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Hokkaido, Sapporo, Kita WardKita 7 Jonishi, 4 Chome−1−1 東カン札幌ビル1F

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About Merchant
  • It's a restaurant in Sapporo,which is famous for its one and only Tantanmen noodles ( a Szechuan dish of noodles covered with a sauce of sesame paste and chili oil ).

  • With a determination of bringing out the more ‘classy’ taste of Tantanmen noodles, the shop owner's went to Sichuan, the home of dandan, and also famous Japanese restaurants to train his skills; utlimately, created this delicious Tantanmen noodles.

  • The secret of this delicious taste is the seasoning, which was bought directly from Sichuan Province, China. Combining Sichuan cuisine, Japanese ramen techniques and Hokkaido ingredients, an unique gourment food was thus born.

  • Dripping secret sesame sauce on linguine,which is made from 100% Hokkaido wheat and then add ground pork, cashew nuts,finally, using flower peppers and homemade chili oil to add the finishing touches.While the rich smell of of high-grade flower pepper spreads out in your mouth, you can't help but surrender.

  • Those who cannot tolerate spicy food better can order "not spicy " Tantanmen noodles instead.