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Songshan Dist., Taipei CityNo.36, Ln. 313, Fuxing N. Rd.

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About Merchant
  • About G.Taipei speakeasy bar "Dong Xiangchun":

  • "Dong Xiangchun" is like a bar established by ancient wealthy merchants. The owner used the concept of store-in-store, hoping to provide a comfortable place for every guest.

  • Signature dishes:

  • The source and choice of alcohols are mostly local ingredients. For example, the KAVALAN whiskey adds a lot of Taiwanese flavor. If you want a customized cocktail, you can choose the base spirit, degree of sweetness and sourness etc on your coaster, and then look forward to the surprises.

  • Interior design:

  • With gold and black as the main colors, the luxurious retro-style mysterious bar is quietly hidden. There is also a cellar-like basement space waiting to amaze you!


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