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Tsukisamanpan Honpo Odori Shop
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Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo-kuOdorinishi, 3 Chome, 大通ビッセ

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About Merchant
  • Tsukisamanpan Honpo Odori Shop, a time-honored Japanese brand, insists on using the ingredients made in Hokkaido.

  • Founded in Sapporo, the shop has always stuck to the same, simple idea: making affordable, delicious, and healthy Japanese dessert, wagashi, western-style pastry, and co-branded goods since 1906.

  • The shop’s most famous product, Tsukisamu Red Bean Bun, is stuffed with the red beans originated in Tokachi, Hokkaido and covered with thin crust. The bun has been favored and popular for a hundred years. Unlike regular red bean buns sold in bakeries or supermarkets, Tsukisamu Red Bean Bun is fairly moist, not greasy at all. Every bite is so scrumptious that you must try it yourself when visiting Hokkaido