MNPXSS ( Changhua )
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Huatan Township, Changhua County2F., No.428, Huatan St.

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About Merchant
  • About Jasmine Princess Omelette Rice Restaurant (Changhua Store):

  • Being a princess, one should of course eat cutely and beautifully! This restaurant can fulfil your dream as a princess with food! The Changhua Store also have a Changhua-only Jasmine Princess Omelette Rice that is combined with local ingredients!

  • High-quality ingredients:

  • It picks rice with production and sales resume, international HACCP / CAS dual-certified eggs, CAS warm pork, CAS quality chicken, and fresh vegetables and fruits produced in the season!

  • Suitable groups:

  • This lovely restaurant is suitable for all girls and boys! The cute meals will for sure make little princess very happy! The restaurant also provides a parent-child interaction space!