Hotpot 106 ( Jilin )
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Zhongshan Dist., Taipei CityNo.18, Jilin Rd.

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  • About Hot Pot 106 (Jilin):

  • The Cantonese soup stews the umami of the ingredients into the soup in a time-consuming manner. The soup is delicious and healthy. "Pork belly and chicken" is a classic dish. The owner is very confident: "If you have not been here, you have never tasted real soup!"

  • Signature dishes:

  • You must try the "Signature Pepper Pork Belly Chicken Pot", which is milky white soup with the best essence of pork belly and chicken. It is delicious and rich! The sliced ​​meat and seafood are quite good, and you must try the special "taro ball". When you bite the taro ball, you will feel the full, soft and sweet taro! You will order another one immediately!

  • Atmosphere:

  • The interior design is comfortable and it is spacious - so that you can eat comfortably! With delicious food and close family and friends, you will feel alive while eating hot pot!