Soft Hand Art healing Space
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West Central Dist., Tainan CityNo.10, Ln. 190, Sec.1, Hai’an Rd.

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  • 這是一處療癒人心的手繪空間,在這個沒人打擾的空間,放下一切煩擾的俗事,聽聽風聲、發發呆、來杯咖啡拿起畫筆,畫出你心中最想看到的風景,心安自在的與自己共處,讓平靜的心帶你找回心靈的力量!

  • 指柔手繪療癒空間「台南畫室」歡迎喜歡畫畫的朋友來體驗「心靈療癒」的好時光。

  • Soft hand is a painting healing space of "Tainan Studio" which located in Hai'an Road, the famous art street in Tainan.

  • The space is a self-service studio on weekdays, so that people who like painting can make appointments at any time to draw, and the art teachers can also book for a classes on weekends at this Great space.

  • We believed art can heal people. In this space that no one disturbs, let go of all the annoying things, listen to the wind, make a daze, have a cup of coffee, pick up the brush, and draw the most beautiful view that you want to see in your heart. The scenery, the peace of mind and coexist with yourself, let the calm heart bring you back to the power of the soul! Refers to the soft hand-painted healing space "Tainan Studio" welcomes friends who like to paint to experience the good time of "Healing"