Niao Niao Hot Pot ( Fengchia )
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Xitun Dist., Taichung CityNo.5, Ln. 511, Fuxing Rd.

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About Merchant
  • About Niao Niao Hot Pot:

  • Niao Niao Hot Pot is a famous personal small hot pot in Fengjia. The meat is freshly cut and the notable Japanese style soup base is refreshing and delicious. You can also try the herb-flavoured broth which is rich and sweet.

  • Quality Ingredients:

  • Range from oversized deep-sea lobster, angel prawns, grass prawns, sea bass, clams, scallops, and big-serving meat choices, satisfying the seafood and meat lovers.

  • Spotless Atmosphere:

  • The decoration focuses more towards antique, Two guests are able to fit in a large four-seater space where is spacious and comfortable. The owner is friendly and takes good care of every guest. You will be able to find the sense of the home-like warmth here.