Hair of the Dog
4.9 (36)


Da’an Dist., Taipei CityNo.1, Aly. 5, Ln. 70, Yanji St.

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About Merchant
  • About Hair of the Dog: The sandwiches served in this restaurant is unlike those in other breakfast restaurant! It serves American-style sandwiches with delicate bread and fillings! It will break everyone's prejudice against sandwiches!

  • Signature dishes: "Straight Fire Curry Chicken" is fire-grilled and crispy chicken drumsticks served with spicy curry sauce and warm yoghurt. It is so satisfying when you bite is with the fluffy bread and crispy cucumber! The "Classic Smoked Beef" uses rye sourdough bread, giving it a chewy taste!

  • Interior design: Simple and clean modern style with a few cute and eye-catching pink-blue chairs. There is a big tiger and a shark facing each other painted on the wall. The bright colors also add some liveliness to the place!