TigerLily Taipei
4.8 (26)


Da’an Dist., Taipei CityNo.38, Ln. 236, Sec.1, Dunhua S. Rd.

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About Merchant
  • About TigerLily Taipei:

  • Faith Yang's uncommon and explosive rebellious rock music has lingered on many people's minds. One of the owners of this bar is Faith Yang, who is equally cool.

  • Signature dishes:

  • Girls can try the special "TigerLily Signature Cocktail", which is similar to Sangria -- with white wine as the base and fresh fruit added to arouse the girl's sweet mind!

  • Lighting atmosphere:

  • The minimalist industrial style is somewhat condensed, but very stylish. The dark blue wall creates a sense of steadiness, whereas the dim light makes this place feels warmer. The bar is quite comfortable. You can drink quietly or chat with friends to enjoy the rare calm in the bustling life.