Okinawa, NahaKanagusuku 2-18-7 カハラビル 1,2F

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  • Special Honor:

  • Opened in 1978, 40 years of continuing making traditional Okinawa soba, Chef also won numerous awarded with Japanese cooking competition.

  • Signature Dishes:

  • Okinawa Soba: rich broth with chewy noodle, topped with melt in your mouth braised pork, a must eat in Okinawa.

  • Grilled Agu Pork: grilled on top of copper plancha to give the agu pork an extra depth of flavor, enjoy it with house made special sauce.

  • Tako Rice: Okinawa soul food tako rice, minced meat with cheese, lettuce, tomato on top of hot steamy rice, a balanced meal with lots of flavor.

  • Decor:

  • Spacious dining area with over 100 tables!

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