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The Gaia Hotel Restaurants
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Beitou Dist., Taipei CityNo.1, Qiyan Rd.

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About Merchant
  • About The Gaia Hotel:

  • The word “Gaia” originates from a Greek goddess of earth and symbolizes fertility, harvest, and prosperity. Like the goddess—giving to the earth--the hotel represents these values by its intimate connection with nature and commitment to service. In this hotel, you will find QiyanOne Chinese Restaurant, Piacere Western Restaurant and Moon ShabuShabu offering the delicate cuisine to the guests. Take a bite, and savour the unforgettable taste.

  • Professional Chef:

  • QiyanOne Chinese Restaurant’s head chef had won the gold medal in the "World Chinese Cooking Competition" held in the Netherlands in 2016, serves Sichuan and Hunan cuisine, seasoned to perfection to emphasize the creativity and distinctness of each culinary style.

  • Special facilities:

  • The hotel has individual hot spring rooms, luxurious spa and library to free your body and mind.