Chao Tea Garden
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Songshan Dist., Taipei CityNo.18, Aly. 9, Ln. 23, Sec.5, Nanjing East Rd.

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  • About Chao Tea Garden:

  • Chao Tea Garden wants to refresh your image of a old-school tea house, and invites you to enjoy a pot of Old Tree Tea in the simplest and purest way!

  • High-quality ingredients:

  • Old Tree Tea is made from tea leaves of over-100-year-old tea trees, and it gives you a soft and layered taste! The Old Tree Tea can withstand many brews and it gives a mellow flavor after a while!

  • Amazing Service:

  • Besides enjoying the on-site brewing conducted by the staffs, you can also experience the brewing yourself! The interior design of Chao Tea Garden is antique style. You can almost smell the tea flavor just by sitting there, and you will feel like undergoing a tea tree spa as the tea flavor gets under your skins into your bones! You can also shop online with Chao Tea Garden!