Zhongshan Dist., Taipei CityNo.1, Zhongshan North Rd.

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  • Special Facilities:

  • Stunner Taipei meets the needs of everyone when it comes to entertainment with its super-large ring stand, 200-inch 4K large projection screen, private karaoke box, D2 dart machine etc.

  • Exciting Activities:

  • Stunner Taipei is the only bar in Taiwan where you can bet on sports lottery. After betting, watching the game is even more exciting and your heart beat faster!! From time to time, there are also performances to light up the place!

  • Signature Cuisines:

  • All types of cocktails are not only very distinctive, but also visually enjoyable! Each cocktail is like a piece of art, making you feel like you are in the wrong place for a moment! In addition to the fried and braised dishes, it also provides dinners, grilled chicken and other main dishes, making sure you will never be hungry!

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