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Datong Dist., Taipei CityNo.94, Sec.1, Dihua St.

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  • About Fleisch Tea House:

  • Strolling down the Dadaocheng area, you should definitely pay a visit to the Fleisch Tea House, and experience the "Filling the tea up to 70% full, the remaining 30% is for human relations" tea culture in Taiwan. The tea house provides mostly Japanese flavored cuisines, such as Japanese rice bowls and set meals.

  • Special Decorations:

  • There are all kinds of tea ceremony equipments in front of the tea house. It is an art shop full of culture and art. You can have a good time getting close with these special items and enjoy the culture of Dadaocheng!

  • Atmosphere:

  • There is a strong historical nostalgia outside of the tea house , while there is a quiet and elegant environment inside. Similar to the tea house where ancient scholars chatted in the afternoon, the Fleisch Tea House gives you an illusion of travelling in time!