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  • About Prime One:

  • Taiwan’s only top quality US beef with a special dry-age method using Himalayan rock salt. Infused with the unique flavors of the rock salt, the tenderized beef is expertly grilled over a wood fire of walnut or longan, using precise heat control to achieve the perfection of charred on the outside, and tender and juicy on the inside.

  • Signature Cuisine:

  • U.S. Prime Dry Aged 21 days Ribeye Steak

  • U.S. Prime Wet Aged 30 days T Bone Steak.

  • Special Honours:

  • 2018 Michelin Guide Recommended

  • 2017 A.A Taste Awards

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午間提供商業套餐,價格比較親民,整體用餐環境很讚。套餐價格偏高,但整體來說價格還算合理。擺盤用心,飯後甜點車很可愛,而且甜點選擇很多、很好吃😋 今天享用雙拼牛排套餐,能吃同時吃到老饕跟叻眼牛排,套餐份量很足,很飽很滿足!


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