Sister Spa
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Banqiao Dist., New Taipei CityNo.1-5, Canghou St.

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  • Recommended experience:

  • This is an all-encompassing aesthetic store --- from beauty eyelashes, nail art, hair removal to full-body spas! Every master is a leader in the field as they bring meticulous beauty with attentive care!

  • Top materials:

  • Each material is a top choice for high quality, and it does not irritate sensitive skin -- so that you can be beautiful without any concern! The essential oil products are highly recommended. You can feel the delicate touch of the essential oil moisturizing the skin while the delicate fragrance penetrates into the tip of the nose. Together with professional skills, it is undoubtedly enjoyable!

  • Splendid decoration:

  • It is warm, comfortable and quiet, like a small private space dedicated to yourself for peacefully soothing body and mind, and become beautiful!