Palais de Chine Hotel
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Datong Dist., Taipei CityNo.3, Sec.1, Chengde Rd.

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  • The French name "Palais de Chine" refers to a palace (Palais) vs China (Chine), which is itself a mix of Chinese and Western cultures. The design and decorations of Palais de Chine further reveal various kinds of mix & match design style. Whether it is traditional, modern, simple or luxurious style, all are perfectly blended together at Palais de Chine.

  • The entire decoration is an integration of the simple esthetics of the Song Dynasty and the relaxing lifestyle of Paris, with the style of Renaissance and the luxury of the age of Louis XIV. Take La Rotisserie on the 6th floor as an example, we use a western interior design as the basis, and many Chinese style elements on the decoration. Antique mirrors, Chinese blue-and-white porcelains, traditional Chinese windows and European giant wooden gate all represent the perfect mix & match of Chinese and Western culture. And for the Le Palais on the 17th floor, we manage to interpret Chinese style in the perspectives of Western. The surprising mix & match can be seen everywhere: the antique gate at the entrance with stone sinks on both sides, Chinese lanterns made with steel wires and tungsten lamps, and 2 copper lions in front of the gate. In addition, semi-open boxes in the center of the restaurant are separated by Chinese traditional windows, creating a private space for our guests.