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Wanhua Dist., Taipei CityNo.108, Xining South Rd.

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  • About FUN:

  • A LEGO restaurant near the Red House, FUN is a place there LEGO lovers should not miss! With its spacious dining area, playing ground and delicious food, this is a great place for parents and children!

  • Special Facilities:

  • There are many special LEGO exhibits in the restaurant, such as Ximen Red House and Baocheng Gate. It also sells all kinds of LEGO products, and provides second-hand bricks for playing. If you build something you like, you can also weigh it and take it home!

  • Suitable Groups:

  • This is a parent-child restaurant that is good for enjoying food and playing! Besides LEGO bricks, there are also big bricks suitable for kids. Both parents and children are guaranteed a great time when spending holidays here!