Bucket BBQ
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Da’an Dist., Taipei CityNo.99, Yanji St.

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About Merchant
  • About Bucket BBQ:

  • Having a huge chunk of meat to roast is the essence of Korean BBQ. Bucket BBQ had introduced authentic Korean gasoline barrel barbecue to Taipei, by using high-quality ingredients and professional tableside roasting service. Bucket BBQ had become many customers' favourite restaurant in the Eastern District.

  • Shop Philosophy:

  • Koreans love to barbecue, and in the early years when they were short of supplies, everyone started roasting meat around the gasoline barrel on the side of the road. Over time, using gasoline barrels to roast meat becomes the traditional Korean-style and has a significant meaning in their food culture.

  • Quality Ingredients:

  • A variety of premium quality meat freshly delivered from the market includes Angus boneless beef ribs, high-grade Wagyu beef and exceptionally juicy, marbled and succulent pork belly, specially marinated with pear puree.