Songshan Dist., Taipei CityNo.1, Aly. 52, Ln. 12, Sec.3, Bade Rd.

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  • About Untitled Workshop:

  • This cafe has no sign and no name. Perhaps the cafe hopes that each person can find her/his own definition by tasting the flavor of life in this quiet corner of the city.

  • Signature Cuisines:

  • The "Charcoal Latte" is one of the items that many coffee lovers pick frequently. In addition, the "avocado sourdough bread" made with a whole avocado is also a signature dish that gives a multi-level taste!

  • Interior Design Style:

  • Similar to those quality cafes appearing in the life magazines, the Untitled Workshop has a simple yet personalized interior design style, making drinking coffee not only the enjoyment, but also an attitude of life.

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酪梨酸麵包意外的美味 黑拿鐵也好喝喔!


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