Way-to-Read Cafe

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Da’an Dist., Taipei CityNo.56, Ln. 346, Guangfu South Rd.

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  • About ZU Cafe:

  • Each book seems to deserve a cup of coffee! This is a cafe as well as a bookstore. No matter if you are a coffee addict or a bookworm, you can come here to have a look! There are only two copies of each book, making it "only two" ---a unique and irreplaceable even number. The fragrance of books and coffee permeates into your time with yourself.

  • Atmosphere:

  • ZU Cafe is located in a quiet residential area. The painted forest wall isolates reality and creates a fantasy-like unreal space. With half of it being a cafe and half being a bookstore, coffee and books coexist in harmony here. You can unconsciously picked up a book, set the mind down, and read it quietly.


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