Boogoo Cafe
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Songshan Dist., Taipei CityNo.19, Ln. 120, Dunhua North Rd.

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About Merchant
  • About Boogoo Cafe:

  • The cuckoos always gives people a pleasant and energetic impression. The cafe gathers fresh ingredients to make delicious meals, coffee and drinks for those who are hungry!

  • Signature dishes:

  • The signature dish is the "Cuckoos Curry Rice", which is consist of golden pork chops, fried chicken, beef ribs or fried cod! Don't worry if you think you cannot finish all the food -- there is also a smaller portion option to choose from!

  • Interior design:

  • The fluorescent LED on the signboard is very eye-catching. The cafe adopts a light industrial style. The cuckoo clock on the wall and the bird nest made of irregular wooden bars on the ceiling of the second floor are quite special!